vv box modsWith the near-constant assault on vaping by the mainstream media, more and more vapers begin to ask whether vaping only water without nicotine or flavorings is a good idea. The jump in the state's government imposed a ban on the taste left a lot of ex-smokers in trouble. How they can get their favorite steam product when the card is consistently being stacked against them?

Each time, the US Congress will vote on a bill that - if approved - would abolish the United States Postal Service from delivering vape e-liquid, dental, and other products to the doorsteps of Americans. We just spent more than six months of arguing with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is based vapes nicotine causes respiratory problems allegations referred EVALI (they do not). And now, politicians and the anti-vaping are fictitiously claiming that vapers adolescents five to seven times more likely to contract COVID-19 (they do not).

It's enough to cause Vaper to enter into a state of madness. Rather than run back to the loving embrace of Big Tobacco, vapers in countries with a ban on flavors were looking for a safe and healthy alternative to e-juice.

Some asked us about vaping only water. Others speculated on the idea of ​​water vaping flavor. In short, they will be water and not a vape of smoke. But is it healthy?

Vaping CAN flavored water is dangerous to your health.

While wanting to continue to vape instead of smoke is admirable qualities, vaping water is not recommended. Water as a material used vape juice - very rarely - in a brand using high concentrations of vegetable glycerin (VG). VG is a viscous substance, sticky, and manufacturers sometimes use water to dilute VG for vaporable texture.

So there are some vapers who are allergic to propylene glycol (PG) of the e-liquid. By using water as dilutive, they can cut the concentration of PG by 5-15 percent. So, why not cut out the middleman and just vape pure water?

There is squonk mod one thing. Without VG and PG content, which vaping only water will produce essentially Vaper inhalation of vapors. And if you ever make the mistake of standing too close to the pot of boiling water, then you know how painful it can be.

Of course, most vaping devices do not heat their e-juice for such a high enough temperature, but the same principles apply. Vaping pure water will increase the chances of burning lips, tongue, and the interior cavity of the mouth. In more severe cases, it can even burn all the way down my throat. OUCH!

In addition, the substance and texture of the clouds of steam made from pure water are much more satisfying to Vaper than your favorite e-liquid. Given. Once inhaled and exhaled through the mouth, the moisture will be evaporated back to - well - water. You will never participate in the contest cloud chasing, and even water tastes much better than you might imagine.